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At Host4Profit we pride ourselves in offering excellent customer service.  Below is just a sampling of unsolicited testimonials from our clients.

 I just did some changes with a domain I have with H4P and I just got to tell you that the customer service there is absolutely oustanding! I sent an inquiry about 12:15 this morning and had a response when I woke up at 7:30 (don't they ever sleep?), and they had the change in place (after waiting for a confirm email from me) by 10:00 am. Unbelievable! (I'm using about 4 different hosting services right now, and I don't think any of the others even bother to answer emails on the weekend...) With service like that (not to mention the $10 per referral, or the great admin panel), they earn their success. Just a shameless plug for a great company...

Rob Hall


Host4Profit is by far the BEST host for your money.  Not only do you have exceptionally QUICK and helpful support, but you understand online business and you can better help me with any issues regarding marketing scripts, etc. because of that.  I can't express HOW important that is to me.

You can't beat the excellent service, great materials and scripts, the affordable fee, and the fact that I've been used your hosting since the beginning and have had virtually NO downtime!  Thanks, guys!"

Diane Hughes
ProBizTips Weekly

Hi David,

I want to personally thank you and your staff for providing me with outstanding customer service. Host4Profit has been my host over the past 3 years and has kept my site up and running without any problems. I consider that an excellent record. Whenever I've had to email you about a problem my emails have always been answered within 24 hours and the problem has been taken care of. Some of those emails where answered on a Sunday! I can't tell you how secure that makes me feel. Good customer service is the name of the game and I will proudly tell anyone looking for a dependable host to check out Host4Profit. You guys are great!

Earl Mullins

I found H4P a couple of years ago and still think that It has been the best find of my online life! Customer service is ALWAYS there and patient, too. Service has been outstanding! I also utilize the $5.00 deal for additional domains and webspace, and
even though I've seen other 'ads' for different web hosts selling space, I've never even considered moving again!!!

H4P works for me!

Dale Pike

Hi Rob,

I definately agree with you regarding H4P's support team. I started hosting with H4P with a web site that promoted only H4P until they launched the "multiple domain" feature for an additional $5.00 per month. This is incrediably cheap to host a site and every one has the same disk space and functions.

Now I have 8 web sites hosted with them and it's always a pleasure dealing with any of their support personnel.

Good Luck, and it's always nice to hear when someone does a good service as much as it is learning who to stay away from.


Mike Price

 I thank you all very much.  I am glad that I got my site on Host4Profit,
you guys have never left me hanging or without help in figuring out what
in the world I am doing. I am learning a great deal.  
Again, Thank you very much.

High Regards,

I tell you what, this customer service response can't be beat!

I am so glad I discovered you guys!
Thanks Again!
Nick L.

It works now.  GREAT You guys provide Awesome support I am going to be reffering everyone I can to you.

You have AWESOME customer and technical support!!

I understand thank you very much for your help and quick response.
I have recommended you to quite a few people this is the Best Hosting
Service I have come across in regards to customer service and everything
that comes with it!
I have 3 web sites currently registered with you.
thanks again!

Thank you responding so quickly to take care of my domain name, it will be a pleasure doing business with people like you and the entire staff at Host4Profit.

Along with our Customers feedback on our Support, our customers have also brought many ideas to Host4Profit.

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As you can see, we are open to suggestions.

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