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Transferring Your Domain Name


If you registered your domain name through a third party registrar such as Network Solutions, GoDaddy, or and will run it on our hosting servers, you must transfer it.  To transfer a domain name, you must login to your account with the registrar, and change the domain's name servers.  When you register a domain name, the registrar typically sends you a user name or account number, a password, and a Web address for you to manage the domain.  You will need this information to change its name servers.


Name server changes do not take effect immediately.  It can take up to 72 hours for a transfer to take effect.  Until the transfer takes effect, you can access your account at, where username  is replaced by the user name provided in Section 1 of your Welcome Letter.


If you selected the New Domain - $30.00 Fee option when placing your order, you do not need to transfer the domain. We will set up your domain with the correct name servers.


Host4Profit Name Server Settings


Your domain's name servers must be set to use both of the name servers listed below.  The numerical (IP) address for each name server is also provided for registrars that require you to provide it.  If your registrar does not require the IP address, you do not need to provide it.


Primary Name Server Name:
Primary Name Server IP Address:
Secondary Name Server Name:
Secondary Name Server IP Address:


Getting Help With Transferring Your Domain Name


Contact Your Domain Registrar


The best place to get assistance with transferring your domain name is from the company that registered it for you.  This company is called the domain registrar. 


If you cannot remember your domain registrar (the company the registered your domain name for you), you can Global Registry Services WHOIS search to find out. Instructions on using this tool are provided in the Using the Global Registry Services WHOIS Search Section below.


After determining your registrar, you should contact them for further assistance.  If they are unable to assist you in transferring your domain name, see the Transferring A Domain Name Registered by A Specific Company section below.  If your registrar is not listed, see the Contact Host4Profit Support section for assistance.

Using the Global Registry Services WHOIS Search


  1. Using a Web browser, go to

  2. Enter your domain name in Seach Registry WHOIS box. Omit the http or www prefixes used when entering an address in your browser, leave the default search setting as Domain, and click Submit.

  3. The company that registered your domain will appear as the Registrar in the search results.  In some cases, the registrar's Web site will appear as the Referral URL in the search results.

The registrar is the first party you should contact for assistance.  They may ask you to provide the new name server information you want to use for your domain.  This is the information listed in the Host4Profit Name Server Settings section above.

Transferring A Domain Name Registered by A Specific Company


Instructions for transferring your domain name when registered by a specific company are available using the links below.  Please note that each registrar uses a unique process and it can change without our knowledge.  If the instructions do not match what you see after logging into your account with the registrar, you should contact them directly for up-to-date instructions.


Network Solutions


Tucows/Open SRS


Contact Host4Profit Support


If you cannot figure out to transfer your domain, you can contact us for assistance using our Online Support Form by clicking here.  For fastest service, provide the necessary login information for your account with the registrar.  We can assist you in obtaining this information is you cannot determine who your registrar, but they will deliver the information to you when provided, and we cannot transfer your domain name without it.

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