Shipping to Australia? Important information for international shipments to Australia

Shipping to Australia? Important information for international shipments to Australia

Whether you are moving to Australia for work or retirement, it may be worth the effort to send your belongings to Australia instead of buying everything new. Before you start packing your boxes, however, there are some things you should be aware of before sending to Australia.

You can import human and household items in Australia, but no animal products (eggs, meat, fresh or preserved, dairy products, etc.) or plant material (seeds, soil, bubbles) are allowed. Australia is a country that is highly dependent on agriculture and livestock and they do not take any chances of importing diseases that can detect your staff costs.

Australia is an island and does not have any of the diseases common in other countries. Common items that can have the soil are camping equipment, footwear including hiking shoes, sports and fishing equipment and outdoor furniture. You can bring these items to Australia, but they must be cleaned thoroughly with dirt and soil.

Australias customs will inspect these items and if they do not go over, you can pay for it to be cleaned, send it back to your home country or destroy it. Like most countries, you can not import many foods to Australia, especially fruit and vegetables. You can also not bring seeds or anything plant-based. Do not include dry foods that have been opened because the many contain pests are larvae that you may not see or even know about.

Other than a favorite food that Australia does not have and you can not live but it's a good idea not to pack food when you ship to Australia. When you ship to Australia, it is important for you to hire a cargo expert who provides reliable freight services.

You will certainly want safe and reliable transportation for your shipping. When your boxes go through customs there may be things that need to be declared or things that officials may want to inspect to ensure they are not polluted. The best way to get ready for this is to have a detailed list of all the boxes you have packed and all that is in these boxes.

If you are going to send some of the items mentioned before, pack them all together or close together so you can easily get to them and not so many boxes have to be opened and inspected. It is also a good idea to use new boxes when shipping in Australia, as old boxes can have land on them or they may have been used previously to hold fruits or vegetables. Do not use any natural products like straw or hay for packaging either.

Interested in sending a cat to Australia? It depends on the country you send from if you can take a cat or dog or other pet to Australia. If you ship from the United States or Canada, you can bring your cat or dog in the country, but they have to go through quarantine. Quarantine is at least 30 days, but it may be much longer depending on when your pet was last vaccinated.

To find the rules for a particular country, the Australian government gives more specific information online. If you move to Australia and want to bring a cat or dog, your pets must have all their vaccinations, must be at least six months and all dogs from America must have the vaccine against Canine Influenza Virus (CIV).

Sending a car to Australia is also possible, but the same rules apply to your car as any other item. If you send a car to Australia, it must be thoroughly clean without dirt or gravel, inside and out. Your vehicle will be inspected your vehicle when it comes to Australia and if dirt is available on it, the customs can send it for cleaning at your expense. If it is very polluted, your vehicle will be returned to its original country.

There may seem to be many rules to send to Australia, but the most important thing to remember is that you can not send anything that can contain pests or diseases, and have something clean if it has been out.

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